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If you have decided that you want to work as a CNA, your first step is to look into CNA classes online. There are many ways to obtain nurse assistant training, but one of the easiest and fastest is through online CNA classes.  Becoming a CNA is one of the quickest ways to get your foot in the door of the healthcare field. While it may sound difficult to become a CNA, it can actually be a very achievable career goal if you know where to begin.

Becoming a CNA Online

Nursing assistants work directly with patients to meet their medical needs. CNAs are supervised by registered nurses or licensed nurse practitioners. Each state has individual requirements for obtaining nursing assistant certification or licensure. It is not necessary to obtain state certification, but most facilities prefer to hire nursing assistants who have not only completed a training program, but who have also completed the state certification process.

CNA Training Online

In order to start work as a CNA, you first need to enroll in and complete a training program. There are a wide variety of CNA classes online. When choosing your online CNA courses, be sure to check with your state nursing board or department of health to ensure that the program you choose is approved.

Online CNA classes will help you learn the essential functions of a nursing assistant. Some topics you will cover include nutrition, hygiene, vital signs, bathing, and medical ethics. It is important to remember that working as a nursing assistant is a hands-on career. Because it is a physical job, not all of your state-required training can be completed through online classes. Online learning, however, is able to save you time and offer increased flexibility so that you only have to complete a portion of your CNA training on-location at a campus or nursing home.

Online Leaning Benefits

Online classes can benefit any type of student, but they are especially helpful for adult learners, full-time workers, or those looking to switch career paths. Becoming a CNA is one of the quickest ways to enter the healthcare field as most training programs can be completed in 4 to 12 weeks. Online learning can help you achieve your educational goals while allowing you to continue working your normal job.

Taking your CNA classes online frees you from scheduling conflicts that could interfere with your everyday life, and allows you the freedom to advance your healthcare career from your home and on your time. Online courses are often (but not always) less expensive than campus based CNA classes. If you can be self-motivated to study and complete your coursework, taking CNA classes online may be a great choice for you. Online CNA programs can give you a good portion of the training you need to take and pass your state’s nursing assistant certification examination, and realize your goal of working as a CNA.


FAQ About CNA Classes Online

Are CNA classes available online?

Yes, there are many programs which offer CNA classes online.  Before you choose which program you are going to complete, it is important to make sure that it is approved by your state. In order to be eligible to take the CNA certification exam in your state, you must have completed and passed an approved CNA training program.

Where to take CNA classes online?

There are many different institutions which offer online CNA courses. These mostly consist of local community and vocational/technical colleges, although some four year institutions may also provide CNA training. Online CNA classes are also offered by for-profit educational institutions.

How much are CNA classes online?

Online CNA classes generally cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Cost varies greatly depending upon the institution and the state in which you live. Keep in mind that there are generally some additional costs involved in taking the CNA certification exam and receiving certification in your state.

How long are CNA classes online?

The length of CNA online training varies. A few accelerated online courses can be completed in as few as 4 weeks, but most will take 8 to 12 weeks. Almost all CNA training programs take less than 6 months to complete.

How to take CNA classes online?

To take online CNA courses you must first submit an application and meet several prerequisites. Most CNA programs require that you have a high school diploma or GED, are 18 years of age, and will submit to a criminal background check and/or drug screening.

How to get CNA certification online?

You can complete almost all of the necessary classes for becoming a CNA online, but most states do require a hands-on or clinical learning component that cannot be done online.  Your state board of nursing or department of health can provide the information regarding nursing assistant certification requirements.

How can online classes be improved?

Online classes can be improved by ensuring that each student has the necessary technical skills to complete all necessary coursework. They can also be improved by increasing the focus on building relationships between students and their professors in or to facilitate better communication.

How can online classes be beneficial?

The main benefit to online CNA classes is scheduling flexibility. Being able to fit education into your busy schedule on your own time is very helpful. In addition, online courses save you from spending time and money commuting to and from campus, and allow you to complete your coursework from the comfort of your own home.



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