About Us

Think CNA Online is a free online resource for aspiring nurses, current nursing students, and those with certifications interested in taking their career to the next level. We aim to provide our visitors with both inspiration and information so that they may become empowered to make an educated decision regarding schools and universities, career college or an online program.

Our Mission

To become the premier resource on nursing education, training options and career information for those seeking to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), and Registered Nurses (RN).

Emily Warren

Emily began Think CNA Online in 2016 as a resource to bring nursing career, classes and training information to aspiring nurses across the country. Focusing on Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Emily helps to inform students of the job description, roles and responsibilities of the career.

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