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nclex-rn exam

NCLEX-RN Exam Tips and Advice for Success

As you undergo schooling and engulf yourself in the intense training required to become a Registered Nurse, you may think the hard part is over upon graduation. While your training program lays the foundation of your future career, the real work has yet to begin. In order to become a licensed Registered Nurse, you must…

online nursing program

How To Find The Best Online Nursing Program

With the proliferation of digital life, it’s no surprise that online schools have become one of the most popular ways to expand your knowledge and earn a degree. This is especially true for those seeking to earn a nursing degree. Even though online schools offer a myriad of benefits, such as convenience and cheaper coursework,…

BSN student

BSN Student Tips for Success and Less Stress

To say nursing school is a challenging experience is a massive understatement. For millions of BSN students who enroll in a Bachelors of Nursing program, the harsh reality of what it takes to become a nurse is far more tasking than they imagined. While there’s no way to simplify this intense degree program, there are…

MSN Application

MSN Application Tips for Success

If you’re currently working as a Registered Nurse or CNA, and are interested in progressing in this dynamic and versatile career field, then you may find earning your Masters of Nursing, or MSN, degree an inviting option. This challenging and in-depth degree program is designed to build upon your previous experience and training and reuires…

new CNA career

Starting your new CNA career – Tips for Success

Once you’ve graduated and become an official Certified Nursing Assistant, starting your new CNA career can be an exciting, and nerve-wracking, experience. While you may have excelled at school, the harsh light of working in an actual clinic can be an overwhelming sensation. Whether this is your first time working in an official medical environment,…

online CNA programs

Effective Tips for Applying to CNA Programs

Are you interested in starting a rewarding career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA? This dynamic and challenging career is among the fastest growing in the medical field. It’s no surprise millions of aspiring CNAs are taking the exciting plunge into the realm of this patient-centric schooling. While applying for CNA programs may feel overwhelming,…

Time Management Tips

Effective CNA Time Management Tips

Perhaps one of the most important elements of being a successful Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is powerful time management skills. While there are moments throughout your day that are unexpected, if you’re capable of sustaining effective time management, then you can juggle the unexpected with the expected. The following time management tips are refined from…


NCLEX-PN Tips for Success

As with any other licensed medical career, to become a LPN you must not only complete an accredited training program, but take and pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing examination. Known as the NCLEX-PN Exam, this timed multiple-choice examination is a requirement throughout the United States to begin working as an LPN.…