What is a CRNA?

CRNA refers to Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. In the US, CRNAs have been offering anesthesia to patients for over 150 years. According to a survey by AANA in 2013, these professionals in anesthesia administer anesthetics to the tune of 34 million every year in the US. CRNA was introduced in 1950s (late) and nurses were…

pre-nursing programs

Your Guide to Pre-nursing Programs

Nursing can be a fulfilling career as you help take care of patients and earn a steady income. The road to becoming a nurse involves both education and training. Before you can enroll in a nursing school and start your nursing career, you need to have the basic requirements and skills to get into nursing…

CRNA School

What CRNA School To Attend?

It can be overwhelming choosing the best CRNA Programs for you. However, before you go into a complete panic, look at these top CRNA school options that are available. These programs can help you to decide what school is right for you. CRNA School Program Options There are many CRNA school Programs that offer master…

NSNA Membership

National Student Nurses’ Association | NSNA Membership

The National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) is the membership organization that supports aspiring nursing candidates. NSNA Membership opens opportunities for scholarships, informative conferences, NCLEX-RN licensing examination study materials, malpractice insurance, and discounts on hotels, shopping, professional journals and healthcare insurance. They also provide a professional magazine geared towards the information that helps aspiring nurses complete…

army crna

What is an Army CRNA Program?

Today the Army CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) Program continues its mission establishing its roots during the civil war, with more formal education as our country entered WWI and WWII. The program continues today as our country attends to the current conflicts just as it did with these trained nurses being part of the field…

HIPAA Compliance Nursing

Nursing: Understanding HIPAA Compliance

All patient information is federally protected by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This act also outlines security rules and procedures of how healthcare practitioners including nurses should handle personal health information. What Patient Health Information is Protected by Federal Law? Medical records detailing…

Nurse Anesthetists Career

Nurse Anesthetists Salaries

Nurses are an integral part of health care, doing far more than many people realize or give them credit. After getting an education and earning their credentials, nurses often pursue advanced degrees that allow them to specialize in one area. Nurse anesthetists follow that path, which could lead to an average annual salary of around…

medical assistant jobs

Medical Assistant Salaries – Best States to Work

Top 10 States to Work as a Medical Assistant Job growth in the medical assistant profession is incredibly high. Medical assistants across the U.S. are in demand for positions in hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, mental health facilities, insurance companies, laboratories, and colleges. With so much opportunity, medical assistants can choose to work in their home…

Operating Room Nurse

What Does an Operating Room Nurse Do?

Registered nurses can practice in numerous specialties and settings. One such is in the operating room. The operating nurse specialty occupies three general categories, each with different responsibilities in the surgical process. While functions differ, all types of operating room nurses share similar educational requirements and required physical and mental skills. The Scrub Nurse Scrub nurses…